About Us

A Civil Enforcement Agency is a private company that performs the functions of what used to be the Sheriff’s Office in the Province of Alberta. The functions of the Sheriff’s office were, by an act of the Alberta Legislature, privatized in 1996 with licensing and monitoring of Civil Enforcement Agencies still managed by Alberta Justice. Specifically the office of the Sheriff-Civil Enforcement.

Allied Shortridge was established upon privatization in 1996, when the provincial government privatized the Sheriff’s office. Prior to Allied Shortridge – John Shortridge had been working in the Sheriff’s office for 13 years, and became the owner of what was at that time called Allied Civil Enforcement (est. 1996) since 2005.

Currently there are eight Civil Enforcement Agencies in Alberta who are licensed and monitored by Alberta Justice, Office of the Sheriff and Civil Enforcement. They legally enforce various acts and regulations that used to be the sole responsibility of Sheriff’s in Alberta, prior to privatization. Each of these agencies sponsor bailiffs who are also screened, licensed and appointed by Alberta Justice. They are classified as peace officers and carry badges that identify them as Civil Enforcement Officers.

What sets Allied Shortridge apart from the pack? Most importantly, John Shortridge, the owner and president of Allied Shortridge. John has been living and breathing Civil Enforcement both as a Sheriff for the Government of Alberta, and as a bailiff and subsequent agency owner after privatization. John’s 31 years of experience make him a virtual walking and talking encyclopedia when it comes to any and all facet of Civil Enforcement . He has not only taught Civil Enforcement at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), but has also given many seminars to law students at the University of Calgary and is still in demand for seminars today.